Don’t take our word for it, the proof is in the review and testimonials from our clients and Shaklee users around the globe.  We welcome you to spend time reading through their various experiences with both the Shaklee products and the Shaklee Opportunity.
“A ski accident and knee surgery left me with a built-in weather barometer! Other than that, I had few problems until I fell on ice and re-injured my knee. Three surgeons recommended surgery to repair this new damage. I kept stalling. With several businesses to manage, I hated to be out-of-commission for an extended time. Although, the way it was, I had to stay off the leg to avoid putting any kind of pressure on my knee. Then I was introduced to Joint Health Complex. Honestly, I wouldn’t have believed the benefit if I hadn’t lived it myself. Within eight days my knee was pain-free! I continue using Joint Health Complex and smile when I remember the doctor’s prognosis!” – Doug Doudt
“Several months ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Type-2 Diabetes. At 79, that wasn’t good news. My doctor gave me several prescriptions to fill. Instead of calling the pharmacy, I called my daughter who has a Shaklee business and had been raving about the supplements. Sue suggested Vita-Lea Gold, Energizing Soy Protein, Alfalfa Tabs and Glucose Regulation Complex. After using these products for just one month my blood readings were back to NORMAL! I’m very excited! I am grateful that I can handle these health challenges with Shaklee and avoid the costs and adverse side effects of medications!” – Francis McGuire
“Shaklee helped me to do everything physical and mental in sports. Performance gives me energy and I am more active on the field. Even though it doesn’t taste as good as the usual sports drink, I think it works better.” – Mason Hastedt (10 year old)
“I had to pass this great testimonial on to you from an inactive customer of mine. She is a young mom whose 21-month-old son had been experiencing terrible diarrhea for about a month. She got him started on antibiotics first, but due to the diarrhea not subsiding and with the presence of a “yeast infection” she was seeking further help. She called the “Nurse Help Line” to see what else she might try. The nurse immediately asked if she knew of a Shaklee Distributor she might call. She then advised that she get her young son started on Shaklee’s OptiFlora System. That’s when she called me and she purchased the OptiFlora System, along with a serving of Performance Drink Mix (rehydration sports product). I followed up with her two days later and she told me the diarrhea was much less and clearing up … “Yeah!” Shaklee came through again. – Amber Bernhardt
“$$$aved! Pat has four children and over the years found it sometimes inconvenient to shop Shaklee because she had to drive to pick up her Shaklee products from a friend. When she decided to look into the Opportunity to save with Shaklee, she decided to create her own AutoShip order to be sent to her monthly. That way, she would products more faithfully. For more than 4 months, Pat compared her expenditures in the supermarket with what she was ordering from Shaklee. She found a savings of $500 using Shaklee products over the previous year’s product use! (Before Shaklee.) She found that her GetClean Laundry product lasts about 8 weeks vs going to the store every two weeks. Pat is saving time, energy and money because her shopping is now for food and paper goods at the grocery store! No more going down the toxic chemical aisle! Pat even figured in the cost of S&H (which is really wrapped into the item-cost at the grocery store) and she has a non-toxic, healthy home for less money! What a great job she did proving the economy of Shaklee products right down to the Meadow Blend Cleansing Bar in the shower saving over the Lever 2000 she was using! And no itchy skin! Thanks Pat!” – Gerri Stiner [Story approved by Pat Church]
“Back problems are NO FUN! I struggled with the pain and inconvenience of a herniated disk. I visited several doctors and tried all kinds of medicine that didn’t work but did ‘tear up my stomach’. Surgery was the only option offered. Finally, I gave up and chose a different direction: A chiropractor! A massage therapist! And Shaklee’s Joint Health Complex along with OsteoMatrix (Shaklee’s Calcium). The pain slowly but surely went away – never to return!” – Dave Putnam
“I grew up suffering from tremendous allergies and hayfever and sinus infections. We joined Shaklee in 1978 and the Alfalfa helped a lot. Mega dosing Vita-C seemed to help some. But in Georgia in April and May everything is yellow with pollen, with all the dogwoods and azaleas in full bloom and the Georgia pines are spewing their pollen. I would be totally miserable. But when I discovered the secret of taking 3-4 Immunity Formula I all at once in the morning, I have virtually eliminate the allergies from my life.” – Stan Pulliam
“I have had back pain on and off for the last several years. Last year, the pain continued to worsen and gradually began to affect my daily routine, such as standing for any length of time, weight lifting, etc.

An MRI revealed that I had two discs that showed signs of degeneration. The doctor prescribed physical therapy to strengthen the back, a prescription for pain blockers and an electronic pain-blocking device as well (TENS unit) neither of which I used.

During this time, I did quite a bit of research and found that glucosamine supplementation was known to help some patients with certain types of back pain. I discussed the possibility with my doctor, and to my surprise, he advised me to try it. I began to take Shaklee Joint Health Complex – 1500 mg (3 capsules per day as recommended on the label) all in one does for greatest effectiveness. By the end of the first month, I had already noticed a difference. I continued to improve with each passing month; after 6 months, I was able to lift light weights, walk on the treadmill and do many things I had been unable to do before. I have now reduced the dosage of the JHC to a maintenance dose of 2 per day taken at lunch and dinner.

I can truthfully say that I am at least 95% pain free. I am very happy with the results I have seen with this product and intend to continue with it from now on.” – Gene E. Way

“My husband John has had Parkinson’s for well over 10 years. With Shaklee and other alternatives, plus some medication, he has done well in maintaining or at least minimizing the progression.
In the last year, however, I had been getting concerned about his mental deterioration. Sometimes he would slur his words or not be able to find the right words and often not be able to be clear conceptually. After being on Vivix for one month it seemed that his head was clearing. Over the last few months I can see a huge difference. I have a working partner again who gives his opinions and ideas more clearly than he has in years. When we went to the neurologist, she thought he was so much better in both mental capacity and balance. She also thought he was on more medication. Actually, he was not! [We know it was Vivix!] Thanks to Shaklee for doing the research to create such effective products.””
Joan Lubar~Alvarez
“I read a friend’s e-mail about someone who had relief from migraines. I made note of the “recipes” given because I, too, tend to get “cluster migraines” each month related to my menstrual/hormone cycle. I dread taking painkillers because I know they are impacting my liver, etc. – but it’s simply too painful to not do so. My PMS has reduced DRAMATICALLY by choosing to take Shaklee (especially GLA).

After a history of 10-14 days or horrible PMS per cycle, last month I had NO PMS – my period arrived one day – to my surprise. That was INCREDIBLE for me. This month I had cut back on my supplements because of arriving in India and attending a large event. I was taking my normal dose (1x per day instead of 2x). I got some uncomfortable PMS again – but only for 2-3 days.
This morning I started to get a hormone migraine.

I thought,” why not try the recipe I just read about?”

I don’t have Lecithin with me, but I took: 2 B-complex, 2 OsteoMatrix, 2 GLA, 4 Alfalfa
It worked! The migraine subsided beautifully.

It’s still in the background, so this will be a continuing experiment. It might help someone you know. Of course, I AM on a bunch of Shaklee supplements including Rx for Health along with GLA and Alfalfa). Hope this is helpful for others. I am fascinated by the possibilities to stay as close to nature as possible and improve my health exponentially.” ~ Love, Alicia

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